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[QUICK’s Alternative Dataset] Financial Results Score
  What’s Financial Results Score The Financial Results Scor...
Jun 20, 2022
Roman Alphabet Characters Can Be Used in TSE’s Stock Securities Codes – From When? Why?
  [Nikkei QUICK News] The securities codes that investors in J...
Jun 10, 2022
Expanding TORF Usage – a Smooth Transition from LIBOR in Japan
  TORF (Tokyo Term Risk Free Rate) celebrated the first annive...
Jun 02, 2022
Attractiveness of the “Stable Cash Flow and Shareholder Returns” Sector
  According to the QUICK Monthly Survey (Equity) in May 2022, ...
May 27, 2022
Outlook for Each Industry Polarized due to High Resource Prices
  The QUICK Consensus DI, which indicates changes in earnings ...
May 19, 2022
Executive Incentive Compensation and ESG Performance
  [QUICK ESG Research Center] More and more companies are engaged in s...
Apr 22, 2022
Gift HD Stock Price Rises; “No Ramen! No Life!” Attracts Money
  [Nikkei QUICK News] The stock price of Gift Holdings (9279, ...
Apr 13, 2022
Trials for Companies with a Tradable Share Market Capitalization of Around JPY10bn as a Result of TOPIX Review
  [Nikkei QUICK News] In parallel with the market restructurin...
Apr 01, 2022
High-yield Infrastructure Funds, Driven by ESG and Fossil Fuel Free – QUICK Monthly Survey (Equity) in March 2022
  QUICK Monthly Survey (Equity) in March was conducted in the ...
Mar 23, 2022
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