Providing valuable Japanese financial information services
as a member of Nikkei, Japan's largest business media
Since its founding in 1971, QUICK has become Japan's largest financial information vendor, and has developed an information infrastructure that supports Japan’s securities and financial markets. It delivers high-value global market information from a fair and impartial perspective to a wide range of customers, from securities firms and financial institutions to institutional investors, corporations and individual investors. QUICK is a subsidiary of Nikkei, Japan's largest business media group.

Japan Markets View

[Hot Topic] Upward Trend Ramen / Chinese restaurants – GIFT (9279)
The "Ramen / Chinese restaurant" stocks are likely to be bullish. The average ra...
Apr 13, 2021
[Hot Topic] “Childcare and Infant Services” Stocks Are Currently Getting Attention – Youji (2152)
"Childcare and infant services" related stocks are in focus. The average rate of...
Apr 07, 2021
“Health & Productivity” Related-stocks are Outperforming the TOPIX
The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (...
Apr 06, 2021
About QUICK Data Factory

QUICK Data Factory is an online marketplace listing data & service contents powered by QUICK as well as its business partners.
QUICK describes this marketplace as a “Selective Mall” focused on applications and data (hereinafter ”apps & data”).
This new service not just makes it easy to find and subscribe to Financial apps & data but it also allows you to sell apps & data via QUICK’s platform.


QUICK FactSet Workstation
QUICK FacctSet Workstation is designed by integrating Japanese market data by the Nikkei Group into FactSet Workstation. This content Includes real-time news and financial data from Nikkei and unique data sets from FactSet. A wide range of applications enables more efficient workflow for professionals.
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QUICK Consensus
QUICK consensus has the widest coverage in Japanese equities including mid and small stocks in Japan since 2005. We calculate consensus on daily basis by averaging brokers’ estimates such as sales, net income, EPS, DPS, ROE, EBITDA etc. We offer point in time consensus data.
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Sales Report
The Monthly Sales API scrapes data from the websites of approximately 400 listed companies, and obtains and delivers monthly business data announced in pdf form and their websites. Data is obtained twice a day (at 12:00 and 17:30). This service is attracting attention, as there has been increasing market reaction which incorporates the quarterly financial results announcements in recent years, such as stock prices reacting to monthly sales figures.
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disclosure materials
The "Corporate Disclosure Flash Report" covers and conducts automatic analyses of the disclosures posted on "TDnet," the Tokyo Stock Exchange's service providing timely disclosure releases and "EDINET," the Financial Services Agency's electronic disclosure system for disclosure materials. By utilizing AI, this service promptly identifies and delivers important information such as the purchase of treasury shares, the revision of results forecasts, stock splits, etc.
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QUICK Monthly Survey
This survey is one of the Japan's largest market sentiment surveys which focus on market forecast, market influencing factors and investment stance of market participants such as traders, analysts and institutional investors in equity, fixed income and forex market.Anonymous individual forms of survey responses are used for university research.
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Stock Master File
Securities Identification Code, ISIN ,Abbreviated company name, Company name, English company name, Sector Code, Trading Unit, Closing Data, Number of Outstanding shares etc.
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Corporate Action File
New listing, Delisting, Name change, Change in number of trading unit, Additional Assignment to Loan Transaction Stocks, Exception from Loan Transaction Stocks, Additional Assignment to Standardized Margin Transaction Stocks, Exception from Standardized Margin Transaction Stocks, Assignment to Securities under Supervision, Lifted Assignment to Securities under Supervision, Assignment to Securities to be Delisted, Lifted Assignment to Securities to be Delisted, delisting postponement period etc.
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Stock Regulatory
Information File
Exchange code, Collection on the same day classification, Buying at the market forbidden classification, Buying at broker’s own account forbidden classification, Proprietary trading forbidden classification, Daily price limit classification, Base price for daily priced limit/Upper limit/Lower limit, Disclosure issue classification, Liquidation / supervision post classification, Assignment schedule classification, Assignment scheduled date, Daily disclosure / stock under restriction / stock under observance, Loans for margin transaction restriction classification, Selling short classification (restriction of stock loan applications), Physical settlement classification (restriction of stock loan applications), Effective date/notification date of restriction of loans for margin transaction, Margin requirement ratio change classification, Margin requirement ratio, Margin requirement-to- cash ratio, Margin requirement ratio change effective date, Buying on margin and selling shorts forbidden etc.
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Licensed News
QUICK Licensed News refers to news offered by QUICK. Useful information is delivered daily including "Sakiyomi Benricho (Look-ahead Convenience Book)," a weekly report with the week's schedule and key points, and the "IPO wo yomu (IPO Reader)," which provides an easy-to-follow summary of the securities registration report of issues scheduled for IPOs. Market news flashes using AI (AI flash reports) are also offered.
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