1971 Founded as Japan’s first financial information vendor, “Quotation Information Center K.K.”
1974 Launched “VIDEO-I” service, Japan’s first online real-time securities information system
1976 Launched “VIDEO-I” service in Hong Kong (the first Japanese commercial online system launched overseas)
1983 Established QUICK Electronics Services Corp. to provide maintenance service for various systems
1984 Launched “Index Board” service, financial indicators listing system
1986 Launched “QUICK-10” service, comprehensive financial information system
1987 Introduced corporate identity to become a global financial information provider and renamed QUICK Corp.
Established London subsidiary (changed to branch status in 1994)
1988 Established New York subsidiary
1989 Established Hong Kong subsidiary (changed to representative office in 1999)
1993 Launched “QUICK-21 watch” service to provide real-time financial information
1994 Launched QUICK Monthly Market Survey
1996 Launched “QUICK-IS” service, comprehensive financial information system for the open era
1997 Launched “QUICK TradeNet” service, an order routing and execution link between institutional investors and securities companies
1998 Launched “QUICK IS-Web” service for online trading, etc., ahead of the Internet age arrival
2000 Established “QUICK Business Research Institute Corp.” (renamed QBR Corp. in 2002), specialized corporate analysis information provider, amidst the booming direct finance market
Launched full-scale operation of the “QUICK LevelX” series, supporting securities and financial retail sales
2002 Launched full-scale operation of “QUICK ActiveManager,” which caters to all kinds of operations by financial professionals
2004 Launched “QUICK China Financial Web” service
2005 Relocated head office to Nihonbashi Muromachi, Tokyo
2006 Launched “Astra Consultant” service, total solutions for asset management consulting sales for individual investors
2007 Launched “Astra Manager” service, asset management solutions for market analysis and portfolio management
2010 Received two awards from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Best Real-Time Data Vendor 2010 and Long-Term Contract Information Vendor 2010, for the use of information distribution.
2012 Launched “QUICK-FACTSET Global Web” service, providing global corporate information in Japanese
2013 Launched “Qr1” (QUICK LevelX r1), next-generation service for securities and financial professionals
2014 Established QUICK ESG Research Center
Formed a business alliance with U.K.-based Eiris and launched QUICK ESG services
Embarked on business in Asia through a business alliance with Malaysia-based N2N Connect and Vietnam-based StoxPlus
Launched “IRroid,” information dissemination platform combining Japanese subculture and IR
2015 Launched “QUICK FactSet Workstation” in collaboration with U.S.-based FactSet
Launched “QUICK Money World” website for individual investors
2016 Renewed the QUICK corporate logo and introduced a new brand design
Merged with QBR Corp. and established Corporate Valuation Research Center and Asset Management Research Center
Launched providing the U.S.-based Glass Lewis’s proxy voting report
Invested in and formed a business alliance with an energy information provider, Rim Intelligence Co.
2017 Launched the “Glass Lewis Proxy Vote Management” platform
Obtained top-level “Eruboshi” certification, based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
2018 Partnered with U.S.-based Symphony Communication Services, LLC to provide a communication tool
Launched “QUICK Workstation” service, comprehensive financial information service integrating all of QUICK’s information and analytical know-how
2019 Established Financial Digital Solutions, Ltd. jointly with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Formed capital and business alliance with SCRIPTS Asia and started providing event transcripts for investors
2021 Established QUICK Benchmarks Inc. (QBS), the TORF provider
Marked 50th anniversary and relocated head office to Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Tokyo
2022 Established QUICK Trading Technologies Corp. (QTT)
2023 Launched full-scale operation of financial education support business
Launched “QUICK Smart Brain” service using generative AI