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We contribute to the advancement of society
by creating value from data of all kinds

In just the first twenty years of the 21st century, the world has experienced some of the biggest changes in recorded history. Among these are the spread of the internet and smartphones, cloud computing, machine translation, self-driving cars, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technologies that once seemed like the stuff of dreams are now a familiar part of everyday life.

In the financial services industry, as well, the FinTech revolution has brought about an age when highly advanced services are readily available. While these changes have meant unprecedented convenience for consumers, who have increasingly turned their attention to asset management at a time of persistently low interest rates, this era also places new demands on the expertise of financial institutions as service providers. Now is a crucial time for determining whether change will be turned into chance.

Along with real-time provision of data and other information about the economy, financial services, and financial markets, QUICK produces original “knowledge” to help customers deal effectively with changes. QUICK Data Factory offers a diverse collection of data, including that originating from business corporations, with the aim of becoming an alternative data development factory. The Corporate Valuation Research Center, the Asset Management Research Center, and the ESG Research Center put out proprietary “knowledge” day after day, and are also actively engaged in open innovation such as collaboration with FinTech companies.

“Our Knowledge, Your Value” ――As an affiliate of Nikkei Inc., QUICK will keep on creating Value, shining a light on the future a half-step ahead of the age.

Shinzo Takami, President, Chief Executive Officer