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Understanding Corporate ESG Initiatives at a Glance

QUICK provides highly transparent and value-added global ESG information as data provider with fairness and impartiality. In addition, our analysts conduct research on ESG issues and sustainable investment, aiming to contribute to develop a sustainable economy and society.

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ESG Data

Nikkei ESG Data

Get Abreast of Current State of “ESG” with Nikkei’s Reliable Information

Nikkei ESG Data is a highly accurate database that records and maintains materials disclosed by companies, such as integrated reports and sustainability reports, based on Nikkei’s consistent standards, after verifying them with human eyes. It also contains text data on each company’s policies and status of initiatives, which cannot be represented by numerical values alone. The text data is recorded in a format that facilitates searches by theme, making it easy to grasp trends in the industry and individual companies.

QUICK Original ESG Data

Featuring Data with Broad Coverage and Detailed Items

QUICK is collecting ESG data independently with the goal of completion in the fall of 2023.
It is provided as data related to the Nikkei ESG Data items and has the following features.

1. Contains breakdown data and in-depth disclosed data by region, function, segment, etc.

2. Collects data from corporate governance reports, annual reports, corporate websites, etc., even for companies not disclosing integrated reports, etc.

Content and Provision Method of Nikkei ESG Data and
QUICK Original ESG Data

  1. 1Nikkei ESG Data only

  2. 2Nikkei ESG Data + QUICK Original ESG Data

Nikkei ESG Data only

Quantitative data with 82 main items

Quantitative data with 82 main items

Example: Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions
Gender pay gap, etc.

Theme-specific data with 52 items

Theme-specific data with 52 items

Example: GHG emissions reduction targets
Policy on human rights in the supply chain, etc.

QUICK Original ESG Data

Important items not included in Nikkei ESG Data
Examples: Third-party verification of GHG emissions, waste volume, etc.

Example) Detailed data of Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions
Energy consumption
Total water consumption
Total compensation for directors and outside directors

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picture Japan Decent Work 8 Index (JD8)

Japan Decent Work 8 Index (JD8)

QUICK and Research Institute For Advancement Of Living Standards (RENGO-RIALS) established the “Research and Study Committee on ESG-S Indicators (ESG-S Indicators Committee)” to create indicators that appropriately reflect the structural issues unique to Japan. JD8 consists of eight indicators: (1) Adequate working hours and wages, (2) Elimination of gender gap, (3) Flexible working style, (4) Workplace security, (5) Investment in human capital, (6) Diversity & inclusion, (7) Working condition in supply chain, and (8) Sound labor-management relations. We expect that JD8 will be used as a guideline to encourage dialogue between companies and investors and, as a result, will help not only realize a society where everyone is respected and can work without any concerns but also enable companies to accumulate human capital and increase their corporate value.

picture ESG Investment Survey 2022

ESG Investment Survey 2022

The ESG Research Center of the Enterprise Services Dept. at QUICK Corp. released “ESG Investment Survey 2022” on January 19. This is the fourth year the survey has been conducted. The purpose of the survey, which was taken during the period from August 22 to October 4, 2022, was to shed light on the actual status of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investment in Japanese equities by investors based in Japan. A total of 61 organizations (of which 13 are asset owners and 48 are asset managers) participated in the study.

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