QUICK Data Factoryは、QUICKや共創企業のサービスコンテンツを揃えた

QUICK Data Factory is an online marketplace listing data & service contents powered by QUICK as well as its business partners.
QUICK describes this marketplace as a “Selective Mall” focused on applications and data (hereinafter ”apps & data”).
This new service not just makes it easy to find and subscribe to Financial apps & data but it also allows you to sell apps & data via QUICK’s platform.
QUICK Data Factory will help you create opportunities for various business alliances with your company such as your apps & data sales planning and support by linking with our services as well as improving data analysis.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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SMACOM provides unique information such as various scores and data analyzed by Nikkei Financial Technology Research Institute, Inc. (NIKKEI FTRI), and helps professional institutional investors with their investment decision-making.
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QUICK Probability
of Default
QUICK Probability of Default (PD) is an estimate of the probability of default of each individual company. This service uses stock price and option pricing theory although there are several methods for the calculation. Financial statements showing the debt repayment capacity of individual companies are difficult to obtain at any time. On the other hand, "stock prices" are considered to incorporate information such as corporate value and debt repayment capacity in a timely manner. Therefore, by processing the "stock price," we calculate the estimated PD quickly. Specifically, we consider "stock value = call option value with corporate assets as underlying assets" and estimate the probability that the stock value becomes negative (i.e., the "probability of default," which is the probability of becoming insolvent).
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KDDI Location Data
movement data)

This data is statistically processed GPS location information permitted by users of "au", a major Japanese mobile carrier, in units of 10 meter minimum mesh, and is linked to a stock code.
For example, by using KDDI's small size mesh, it will be possible to visualize the operation status of employees in the factory and to estimate the factory's production activities. Ultimately, it will allow for more accurate and faster estimates of a company's performance.
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QUICK Forecast
QUICK Forecast is the earnings estimate for the fifth fiscal year of all listed Japanese companies (FY1 - FY5). Forecasts are calculated by statistically analyzing data such as financial ratios and macro indicators based on company forecasts.
- Comprehensive: Calculation of the five year forecast (FY1 - FY5) for all listed companies
- Quickness: Systematically and in a timely manner after the announcement of earnings results and earnings revisions
- Objectivity (elimination of arbitrariness): calculated automatically and regularly by a predetermined process
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Investor Sentiment Index
Investor Sentiment Index is a proprietary index utilizing questionnaire data collected by QUICK Monthly Surveys (Equity). The index is calculated based on the stance of funds’ domestic stocks allocation ratios answered by domestic institutional investors (fund managers).
The index value ranges between 0 and 100, and above 50 indicates that domestic institutional investors are “Bullish” in their investment stance, while below 50 indicates that they are “Bearish”.
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News analysis
News analysis provides tag data and positive/negative scores estimated from Japanese reliable news sources from Nikkei, NQN and QUICK. This service has achieved a highly accurate analysis by applying natural language processing technology of Nikkei Financial Technology Research Institute (Nikkei FTRI).
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Financial Data)
This data service provides financial data of all Japanese banks including holdings companies, in addition to shinkin banks (credit union). The data sources are financial statements, annual reports and bank-specific disclosure publications.
The data includes approx 2000 items, covering general financial statements items as well as detailed items published only in disclosure publications. The data will update on the day of disclosure or within around one week.
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QUICK’s Themed
Investment Trust
QUICK sets original themes and creates a list of related investment trust by each that. In addition to currency and country classifications, theme set by seasonal topics such as "Post COVID-19". For qualitatively analyzing the factors fluctuation of NAV per share in each themed investment trust, that can be checked with the relevant news and together with all constituents, leading to more precise analysis.
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Stocks Data
Of Investment Trust
This data service provides constituents in investment trusts that extracted from their annual reports using language analysis technology. Constituents stock data contains unit price, the number of shares, face value and other precise information. It is possible to confirm the changes in these data since the previous settlement date.
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