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QUICK Forecast
Delivery FrequencyWeekly
FrequencyAround 13:30 JST every Tuesday
*If it's a holiday in Japan, it will be updated on the next business day.
SourceQUICK Corp.

QUICK Forecast is the earnings estimate for the fifth fiscal year of all listed Japanese companies (FY1 - FY5). Forecasts are calculated by statistically analyzing data such as financial ratios and macro indicators based on company forecasts.

- Comprehensive: Calculation of the five year forecast (FY1 - FY5) for all listed companies
- Quickness: Systematically and in a timely manner after the announcement of earnings results and earnings revisions
- Objectivity (elimination of arbitrariness): calculated automatically and regularly by a predetermined process

Delivery Method
All listed companies in Japan
Historical Data
FY1 / FY2: From Dec 2018
FY3 / FY4 / FY5: From May 2020
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QUICK Consensus
QUICK Consensus has the widest coverage in Japanese equities including mid and small stocks in Japan since 2005. We calculate consensus on daily basis by averaging brokers’ estimates such as sales, net income, EPS, DPS, ROE, EBITDA etc. We offer point in time consensus data.
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