Data Set
Share Buybacks Data
Delivery FrequencyDaily
FrequencyAround 6:30 JST
DeliveryQUICK APIs
SourceQUICK Corp.

Specialized data only in share buybacks of listed companies in Japan

1. Provide well-maintained share buybacks data
2. Include original items in addition to public information
3. Monitor the progress and predict the timing based on our share buybacks data

Data Items (Example)
・Announcement date
・Purchase method
・Share buyback progress

Data Collection & Process Method
QUICK extracts share buybacks data from corporate disclosure information, and calculates original items.
  • Corporate Disclosure

  • Equity

All listed companies in Japan
Historical Data
From: Jan 1, 2000
Sales Territory
Pricing Models
Monthly subscription


Equivalent Value of
Shareholder Benefits
QUICK converts the complimentary gifts for shareholders into their respective monetary values based on the following criteria. Discount coupons for which the upper limit has not been set, and not-for-sale articles such as calendars and original goods are not included.
・The face value of the gifts such as QUO cards, gift certificates, and book coupons
・The maximum amount of the discount coupons for which an upper limit has been set, and the fixed price of the complimentary gifts
・An amount indicated as "Equivalent to JPYxx"
・An amount committed by the company as an answer to a query
・In the case of rice for the gift, the "Rice coupon" amount based on the weight of the rice
・In the case of multiple gift items, the total amount of those items that can be monetized
・If it is possible to select the complimentary gifts, then the lowest amount
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Transcripts of
earnings meetings
This service provides local language and English transcripts of investor-targeted events such as shareholder meetings, earnings meetings in Japan and APAC. It is an innovative service that provides text, audio, and images on time. Meta information of events and the full meeting transcript also can be utilized for text analysis.
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QUICK FactSet Workstation is designed by integrating Japanese market data by the Nikkei Group into FactSet Workstation. This content Includes real-time news and financial data from Nikkei and unique data sets from FactSet. A wide range of applications enables more efficient workflow for professionals.
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