Data Set
Margin Trading Restriction (Includes Negative Interest per diem)
Delivery FrequencyDaily
FrequencyAround 17:30 JST
SourceQUICK Corp.

Among the margin trading restrictions, the probability of measures being triggered to raise the customer margin ratio has been scored. The probability of the margin trading restriction being triggered is statistically forecasted based on the guidelines of the stock exchange and the past margin trading balances which had been subject to the restrictions. The probability of incurring premium charges is statistically calculated from past margin trading balances and balances of loans for margin trading.

Delivery Method
Listed companies in Japan
Historical Data
Last 3 months
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Pricing Models
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Stock Regulatory
Information File
This file service includes the following items;
Exchange code, Collection on the same day classification, Buying at the market forbidden classification, Buying at broker’s own account forbidden classification, Proprietary trading forbidden classification, Daily price limit classification, Base price for daily priced limit/Upper limit/Lower limit, Disclosure issue classification, Liquidation / supervision post classification, Assignment schedule classification, Assignment scheduled date, Daily disclosure / stock under restriction / stock under observance, Loans for margin transaction restriction classification, Selling short classification (restriction of stock loan applications), Physical settlement classification (restriction of stock loan applications), Effective date/notification date of restriction of loans for margin transaction, Margin requirement ratio change classification, Margin requirement ratio, Margin requirement-to-cash ratio, Margin requirement ratio change effective date, Buying on margin and selling shorts forbidden etc.
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