Data Set
Monthly Sales Report
Delivery Frequencytwice a day (at 12:00 and 17:30)
Frequencyat 12:00 and 17:30(JST)

The Monthly Sales API distributes data which is scraped from monthly business data published in PDFs and websites, covering approximately 400 listed companies. Data is obtained twice a day (at 12:00 and 17:30). This service is attracting attention, as there has been increasing market reaction which incorporates the quarterly financial results announcements in recent years, such as stock prices reacting to monthly sales figures.

QUICK Analysis Report
Delivery Method
Japan (approximately 400 listed companies)
Historical Data
From:June 2016
Sales Territory
Pricing Models
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Transcripts of
earnings meetings
This service provides local language and English transcripts of investor-targeted events such as shareholder meetings, earnings meetings in Japan and APAC. It is an innovative service that provides text, audio, and images on time. Meta information of events and the full meeting transcript also can be utilized for text analysis.
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Qr1 Access Ranking
This service offers the access log data of the QUICK financial information terminal "Qr1," which holds a major share of the securities retail market in Japan. Users can get a direct feel of where market interest lies and the direction in which it is going through the number of access users and the number of hits of individual issues. By taking advantage of this data, which is updated every 30 minutes, users can promptly identify incentive-backed issues. On the special "Access Ranking" site, which is provided in webpage form, users can narrow down the issues to Nikkei Stock Average and TOPIX 500 issues as well as view the news and events which led to the fluctuations in stock prices.
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Results Forecast
The Results Forecast Comment summarizes the result forecasts, commentaries, and other materials disclosed by the companies, and uses the following two comments. (1) Automatically-generated comments: Comments that are automatically generated by using language analysis technology to read the materials disclosed on TDnet (timely disclosure information service) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; and (2) Excerpted comments on company plans: Excerpted comments on company plans from the Main Points Report and the IPO Follow-up Report (*1) published by the QUICK Corporate Valuation Research Center. Approximately 850 listed companies are covered. The scores are updated within a month from the announcement of the financial results and the revision of the results forecast. Scores are updated even if there were no revisions to the results forecasts at the time of financial results announcements during the term. *1. A report summarizing the materials/commentaries by the companies and factual reporting from a neutral perspective.
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