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QUICK Themed Stocks
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FrequencyAround 8:00 JST
SourceQUICK Corp.

QUICK independently picks timely themes and calculates its own average advance/decline ratio of related stocks. This allows the user to follow the trends of each theme from a short-term and long-term perspective and to confirm the stocks that are being selectively bought. Themes include a wide variety of timely topics, such as "Fintech", "Plastic-free" and so on.

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Listed companies in Japan
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From:Feb 2020
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QUICK’s Themed
Investment Trust
QUICK sets original themes and creates a list of related investment trust by each that. In addition to currency and country classifications, theme set by seasonal topics such as "Post COVID-19". For qualitatively analyzing the factors fluctuation of NAV per share in each themed investment trust, that can be checked with the relevant news and together with all constituents, leading to more precise analysis.
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Stocks Data
Of Investment Trust
This data service provides constituents in investment trusts that extracted from their annual reports using language analysis technology. Constituents stock data contains unit price, the number of shares, face value and other precise information. It is possible to confirm the changes in these data since the previous settlement date.
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Qr1 Access Ranking
This service offers the access log data of the QUICK financial information terminal "Qr1," which holds a major share of the securities retail market in Japan. With access ranking of individual stocks, users can get a direct sentiment where market interest is going. By taking advantage of this data, which is updated every 30 minutes, users can promptly identify incentive-backed stocks. On the webpage based Knowledge Platform "Access Ranking", users can filter the constituent stocks of Nikkei225 and TOPIX500 as well as view the news and events which led to the fluctuations in stock prices.
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