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Nikkei Earnings Summary
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FrequencyAt least a few minutes after announcement on TDnet
DeliveryQUICK APIs
SourceNikkei Inc.

This service offers English earnings summary in a news format. The Japanese news source for this service is automatically generated based on the timely disclosure information of listed companies.

In the process of translating Japanese news, the conversion process is performed based on the sentence structure. This helps to maintain readability despite being a machine translation.

Earnings revision:
As well as earnings announcements, earnings revisions are also updated.

Related infomation:
In addition to the summary of the announcement, the news also provides the average of analysts' earnings forecasts (QUICK Consensus) and company forecasts.
All listed companies in Japan
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From: Dec 2020
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NQN News
This service is mainly Japanese market-related news provided by Nikkei QUICK News, Inc. (NQN) that is one of the most trusted news sources for market professionals in Japan.
Market outlook and schedules are provided before the Tokyo market opening. While the market is in session, news on indices, stocks for selective buying, and other topics are provided in timely manner.
Around 12:00 JST, a summary of the morning session and an explanation of what to look out for in the afternoon session are offered. After 15:00 JST, the day's market is reviewed and commentary for deliberating the following day's strategies is delivered.
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Materials (TDnet, EDINET)
All Japanese corporate action data

1. Automatic analysis of the disclosures posted on TDnet and EDINET
2. Immediate deliver in text format
3. Cover all corporate actions in Japan

Data Items (Example)
・ Earnings forecast revision
・ Stock split

Data Collection & Process Method
QUICK analyzes PDF and XBRL files posted on "TDnet", the Tokyo Stock Exchange's service providing timely disclosure releases and "EDINET", the Financial Services Agency's electronic disclosure system for disclosure materials and convert into a text format.
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