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[Hot Topic] Upward Trend Ramen / Chinese restaurants – GIFT (9279)
The "Ramen / Chinese restaurant" stocks are likely to be bullish. The average ra...
Apr 13, 2021
[Hot Topic] “Childcare and Infant Services” Stocks Are Currently Getting Attention – Youji (2152)
"Childcare and infant services" related stocks are in focus. The average rate of...
Apr 07, 2021
[Hot topic] Upward Trend “Waste Disposal & Environmental Hygiene Control” Stocks – Envipro (5698)
“Waste Disposal & Environmental Hygiene Control” related stocks are an upwar...
Apr 05, 2021
The market is focusing on the trend of the NT ratio due to Nikkei 225 already weakening
On March 19, the Bank of Japan decided to exclude the Nikkei 225-linked ETFs and...
Mar 25, 2021