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Coal-related Mitsui Matsushima Holdings in the Spotlight as Resource Prices Soar
Concerns about power shortages are growing in China and India. The demand ...
Oct 15, 2021
Focusing on Lasertec for its next-generation semiconductor mask blank inspection systems
Expectations are rising for “extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography,” w...
Oct 07, 2021
Focusing on MicroLEDs as the Next Generation Displays
High-definition organic EL displays are becoming more popular at present. ...
Sep 30, 2021
Checking Relationship Between Corporate Trends and Human Flow Data
In the world of asset management, there is an accelerating trend toward th...
Sep 27, 2021
Who Is the Right Person for the Next Prime Minister? – QUICK Monthly Survey (Equity) In September 2021
Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced on September 3 that he would not s...
Sep 16, 2021
Checking Stocks by Dividend Forecast towards the End of September
QUICK's "Prediction of Dividend Forecast Revision" is an analysis tool tha...
Sep 14, 2021
Unicharm Stocks Strong, Reflecting the New Normal of Living with Cats
[Nikkei QUICK News] The stock price of Unicharm Corporation (8113) has been st...
Sep 09, 2021
“Children’s Agency” Related Stocks Are Gaining Attention Again by the Election
[Nikkei QUICK News] On August 27, prices of the stocks related to the Childr...
Sep 06, 2021
TIS Increased Its Sales and Profit Significantly on Rising Demand for Cashless Payments
Cashless payments are entering a new phase. On August 19, PayPay, the largest ...
Sep 01, 2021