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QUICK makes trusted financial information available on AWS Data Exchange



QUICK Corp. (Head Office : Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO, : Katsuyoshi Kondo) will begin providing financial information using AWS Data Exchange by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Through AWS Data Exchange, QUICK will provide overseas institutional investors including hedge funds, with information independently collected by QUICK such as QUICK access rankings, market participants’ sentiments (QUICK monthly surveys), and company disclosures.


QUICK has been providing clients in Japan with highly reliable data collected from financial markets. Now with AWS Data Exchange, we are able to readily provide information to overseas investors interested in the Japanese financial markets.


QUICK also provides sample data for trial purposes which enables simulations to be run with actual historical data through AWS Data Exchange. Conventionally, processing the contract for this trial and providing large volumes of data was time-consuming but by utilizing AWS Data Exchange, data can be easily provided and we are able to promptly respond to customer needs.


In countries outside of Japan and particularly in the United States, marketplaces for data are being developed in response to the prevalence of analyses using alternative data. Use of QUICK’s data allows for a more sophisticated analysis, which we hope helps overseas investors gain a deeper understanding of Japan’s financial markets while also revitalizing the markets.


QUICK plans to continue developing and expanding data it provides through AWS Data Exchange.


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