QUICK FactSet Workstation is a new workstation based
on FactSet Workstation, integrating Japanese market data provided by the Nikkei Group


Nikkei Group's strength in domestic data and FactSet's
strength in global data and workflow solution combined into one workstation


FactSet's global data coverage

  • Fundamental, estimates coverage of more than 70,000 global companies
  • Ownership, management board members and M&A details
  • Macro economics and global indicies

QUICK's domestic data coverage

  • Nikkei News, NQN(Nikkei QUICK News) and QUICK News
  • Nikkei NEEDS Fundamentals, Nikkei Estimates
  • QUICK Consensus®
*QUICK Consensus and Consensus is a registered trademark of QUICK.


Data Coverage

Keep track of the market with wide range of data coverage of public and private companies

  • Nikkei NEEDS Fundamentals that are crucial for analyzing Japanese companies
  • Nikkei News and QUICK News specialized for the Japanese market
  • Standardized data to easily compare companies with different accounting standards

QUICK and FactSet's strength combined into one workstation


Market Data

Public company's price, volume, dividends, splits data. Stock, bonds, foreign exchange, commodities, policy rate and benchmarks. Constituent data of more than 1,000 indicies.


Company Analysis

Over 120 countries, 70,000 public and private companies of over 3,000 fundamental items. Over 800 brokers of more than 160 items of estimates.


Macro, Economic statistics

Over 1,800,000 macro economic series, 60,000 commodities, 190,000 policy rate.



Institutional investors, financial sponser, insider/related investors of over 460,000 ownership data funds of 40,000 constituents.

More details of the data coverage



Wide range of applications including high integration
with Microsoft Office to provide solutions.

  • Wide range of global data for company analysis and comparison
  • Integration with Microsoft Office to support client's workflow
  • FactSet Workstation localized into Japanese

Market Watch

Stocks, indicies, bonds, futures, commodities data



Price, benchmarks, economic series chart.


Portfolio Management

Portfolio Analysis(PA) for real time monitoring and creating attribution report.
Alpha Testing(AT) to analyze investment return using several factors.
*PA/AT requires additional subscription.


Company Analysis

Fundamentals, peers comparison, estimates, M&A, ownership, entity structure, cds, event calendar, public companies private equities, venture capital trends.



Download data to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Easy to customize your downloaded data such as changing identifiers, formats and items. Sample reports are also provided.



Company's profile, fundamentals, estimates, valuation and ownership data for company analysis. Country and region's synopsis to keep track of the world economy.



Several types of screening for public, private companies, M&A details, private equities, venture capitals and creating IPO league tables.


Event Calendar

Upcoming company's press release, exchange holidays and IPOs available in daily, weekly and monthly basis.



Consultants to support client's daily workflow.

Consulting Service

Consultants will support creating worksheets to help your daily work.


Free training courses to help you understand more about the workstation.

Online Assistant

Online Assistant to reasearch detail information on anything you see within the workstation.


For more information about the workstation
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