A global financial informaton to every scene. A global financial informaton to every scene.
Delivering value-added,
global financial
and economic information
to meet all needs.
QUICK gathers enormous quantities of data and news pertaining to equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, derivatives, corporations and other information from around the world, supporting customer financial and capital market–related decision making with value-added proprietary analysis and valuations.
QUICK delivers innovative and valuable financial information services that meet everyone’s needs, from investment professionals to individual investors.
QUICKʼs information is ubiquitous

Market information

TV news and newspapers carry stock prices, investment trust and commodities data from QUICK.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average and other indexes

QUICK calculates the Nikkei 225 Stock Average and other Japanese indexes. They are viewed with confidence by market participants. In addition original indexes are calculated such as QUICK REIT index, an index of real estate investment trusts, IPO index, an index of newly listed issues, CB-QUICK average, an index of convertible bonds listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Investment Trust information

QUICK provides the Sunday morning edition of the Nikkei newspaper with performance data on Japanese open ended equity investment trusts. Outline information is stored on all Japanese tradable investment trusts.

Abundance information service of QUICK

The extensive information QUICK carries continues to increase more and more. QUICK provides not only real time price information but also a fast distribution of Nikkei news. Another strength is original information that helps market and corporate analytics. QUICK delivers the data needed for precise and accurate decision making.

Overseas information

More than 60 stock indexes and sub indexes of 45 countries are available. The coverage includes over 80 sovereign debts and Global FX of 158 currency pairs from major inter-dealer brokers. QUICK is continuously enhancing and strengthening worldwide market information crucial for the international diversifies investment.

Original contents

QUICK not only disseminates information but also produces useful information from a fair and neutral standpoint to customers in the securities and financial markets.


QUICK Newsline

Market trend focused on IPO (Initial Public Offering), outline of financial results and press releases of listed companies, digest of analyst reports are provided to grasp the market outlook.

Derivatives comment

QUICK's original text service focused on Nikkei average futures and options, and bond futures.

Index calculation

QUICK REIT index, QUICK IPO index, CB-QUICK average

QUICK's original indexes are calculated such as QUICK REIT index, an index of real estate investment trusts, IPO index, an index of newly listed issues, CB-QUICK average, an index of convertible bonds listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Research information

QUICK Consensus

QUICK Consensus is a survey of analysts and economists on companies earning estimate and economic indicator forecast. This survey is a powerful tool for reading market consensus. QUICK Consensus is on QUICK service as well as on The Nikkei Corporate Quarterly and on Nikkei Newspaper.

QUICK Tankan (Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan)

QUICK Tankan is a statistical survey conducted by QUICK. It provides an accurate picture of business trends of enterprises in Japan. In contrast to quarterly BOJ Tankan, QUICK Tankan is a monthly survey and is an early indicator of BOJ Tankan.

QUICK Monthly Market Survey

QUICK conducts one of the Japan's largest market sentiment surveys, as QUICK Monthly Market Survey, focused on market forecast, market influencing factors and investment stance of market players such as traders, analysts and institutional investors in stock and fixed income market. The survey receives increasing attention of market players.

Stock market outlook

QUICK's weekly stock market outlook based on views of market professionals are reputed to be highly valuable by investors.

Providing valuable financial information services
as a member of the
Nikkei Group
Since its founding in 1971, QUICK has developed an information infrastructure that supports Japan’s securities and financial markets. Our mission is to support the decision making of a wide range of customers, from securities firms and financial institutions to institutional investors, corporations and individual investors. QUICK delivers high-value-added global market information from a fair and impartial perspective.

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