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The perspective of “knowledge” enhances all services
In addition to gathering information, we create knowledge content to decipher the future, providing a multifaceted perspective on the financial economy.

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Creating new value as a knowledge producer
All services provided by QUICK are rooted in the perspective of “knowledge”.
We not only gather and disseminate information but also view markets from new angles and thus are able to more clearly see the future. In addition to developing services utilizing the latest FinTech technologies combining finance and IT, QUICK creates knowledge content for deciphering the future at our three research institutions, the Asset Management Research Center, the Corporate Valuation Research Center and the ESG Research Center. Each of our employees adopts the perspective of a knowledge producer to provide support for all aspects of the financial economy.

The Asset Management Research Center makes use of valuable “knowledge” , as well as insights and expertise cultivated in the financial and capital markets, to contribute to improved financial literacy and healthier asset management. This institution serves as a hub linking markets with investors from a fair and impartial standpoint.

The Corporate Valuation Research Center calculates corporate value in a fair and accurate manner through analysis and valuation from a variety of angles presented in an easily understandable format. We deliver the de facto standard for corporate information, making the utmost use of data analysis employing the latest technologies to provide proprietary reports based on thorough analyst coverage and QUICK model research.

Mitigating risk and supporting growth, ESG is itself a management strategy for corporations.
Shareholders take ESG into account in investment decisions and determination of shareholder actions, including level of involvement and exercise of voting rights.
The ESG Research Center assists corporate sustainable growth and responsible shareholder investment with consultant-led advisory services and analysts who approach ESG issues and investment research from a global perspective.