Message from CEO

We Continuously Deliver the Knowledge

that Turns Change into Opportunity
    Everywhere we look around the world, we see accelerating change. Political systems are evolving, new business partnerships are emerging, and technology is advancing as never before. In Japan’s financial world, new twists such as the revolution in financial technology (“FinTech”), deregulation and a renewed focus on fiduciary duty are prompting enterprises to advance rapidly, as competition rises to new levels of intensity.
    In this new phase of the Age of Investment, QUICK delivers the high-value-added information businesspeople need to turn these changes into opportunities. We independently survey and analyze information and data latent in markets and evaluate them with a specialist’s eye, transforming them into knowledge that brings true value to our customers. Through this timely delivery of knowledge, QUICK supports the accurate judgments that enable customers to perform as sophisticated market participants who can anticipate future developments.
    At QUICK, we are committed to providing continuous service that exceeds expectations, delivering information that enterprises cannot do without. To this end we are expanding our collaborative network, which now comprises three research institutes (the ESG Research Center, the Corporate Valuation Research Center and the Asset Management Research Center) as well as IT and FinTech companies both in Japan and overseas. Also, as an affiliate of Nikkei Inc. and (UK-based) Financial Times, we are able to drive AI technology to pursue ever more timely news delivery.
    Our Knowledge, Your Value. The high-value-added information we deliver—our knowledge—constantly generates new value for our customers. We strive at all times to be our customers’ partner in creating market-actionable value.
Katsuyoshi Kondo, President, Chief Executive Officer
Mission Statement
QUICK, as a best partner, contributes to economic and financial progress by concentrating on
providing high quality information and precise solutions to participants in the financial and capital markets.
  • To generate advanced and valuable information services employing sophisticated technologies.
  • Through the most suitable alliances, to offer total support for the financial business.
  • To provide necessary information to the globalized and diversified financial/capital markets on a timely basis.
  • As a company responsible for providing information infrastructure of the Japanese market, to pursue high reliability.
Action Guideline
  • Act in a fair, neutral and faithful manner, being conscious of the social nature of the business.
  • Respond to the real needs of our customers and grow together with them.
  • Continue to improve professional skills, while maintaining the spirit of challenge.
  • Keenly alert and respond quickly to changes in society and markets.
Corporate Message
Our Knowledge, Your Value.