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[QUICK’s Alternative Dataset] Qr1 Access Ranking
Published : Nov 08, 2021 Equity

[QUICK’s Alternative Dataset] Qr1 Access Ranking

“QUICK Data Factory” currently presents more than 30 datasets. We pick up Qr1 Access Ranking at this time. This dataset is provided through APIs, allowing for easy access.


■ What is Qr1?
Qr1 is an information terminal provided by QUICK. On a daily average, approximately 40,000 to 50,000 financial advisers belonging to security firms in Japan are logging in to Qr1. This terminal has the largest market share in Japan.





■ What is Qr1 Access Ranking?
Based on the access log of Qr1, the top 100 hottest stocks at the moment are provided every 30 minutes during the trading hours in Tokyo. This dataset provides not only ranking but also 4 indicators as below.


Qr1 Access Ranking


In addition, the data of every 30 minutes is accumulated at the end of the day and calculated as the daily ranking for all listed companies in Japan.
The historical data is available from January 2019.



■ COVID-19 impact on FUJIFILM (4901)
This is a unique analysis using a correlation between the access logs and stock prices, taking an example of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation which is a large chemical company in Japan.




In the period of January – April 2020, as COVID-19 continued to spread, expectations were high regarding the flu antiviral drug called “Avigan,” which was developed by a pharmaceutical subsidiary company of FUJIFILM Holdings.


In response to these expectations, many Qr1 users turned their attention to FUJIFILM stock and its stock price rose. The number of accesses on Qr1 indicated the extent of the investor’s interest in the stock.
In addition, it may be possible to use this information as a barometer to gauge the level of expectations factored into the stock price.



QUICK Data Factory introduces various alternative data from QUICK and business partners in the link below.


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