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QUICK Consensus DI is a proprietary macro indicator that shows the direction of analysts’ earnings forecasts. The changes in analysts' forecasts are processed into a diffusion index (DI) for better understanding.
The DI calculates by subtracting the ratio of “Bearish” from “Bullish” to total stocks. A positive DI means that the number of upward revision stocks exceeds downward revisions. QUICK classifies stocks as “Bullish” in the case of analysts revise their consolidated net income forecasts upward by 3% or more compared three months ago, while as “Bearish” in the case of downward. The stocks are for the forecasts of at least five analysts.

QUICK Consensus DI indicates whether the market-wide expectations for the performance of major companies are upward or downward. QUICK also provides industry sector-specific DI and cumulative DI to help you follow trends.

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QUICK Monthly
This survey is one of Japan's largest market sentiment surveys which focus on market forecast, market influencing factors and investment stance of market participants such as traders, analysts and institutional investors in equity, fixed income and forex market. Anonymous individual forms of survey responses are used for university research.
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QUICK Consensus
QUICK Consensus has the widest coverage in Japanese equities including mid and small stocks in Japan since 2005. We calculate consensus on daily basis by averaging brokers’ estimates such as sales, net income, EPS, DPS, ROE, EBITDA etc. We offer point in time consensus data.
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