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Launched Sales of KDDI Location Data
Published : Jul 30, 2021 Press release

QUICK Corp. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Shinzo Takami, hereinafter “QUICK”) is pleased to announce that QUICK has launched sales of KDDI Location Data (location-specific movement data) provided by KDDI Corporation, on its data platform “QUICK Data Factory.”


Anonymized KDDI location data is now available, in addition to original alternative data gathered by QUICK itself.


KDDI Location Data is created by statistically processing GPS location data taken from au smartphones with users’ consent in units of 10 meter minimum mesh. This information is linked to a stock code. For example, it will be possible to visualize the operation status of employees within a factory and to estimate the factory’s production activities. It enables use as alternative data to support investment decisions.


This data provides users such as financial institutions with an efficient one-stop source of diverse high value-added data.




●About QUICK Data Factory
In addition to QUICK’s proprietary data, QUICK Data Factory provides information from other data companies, and will be developed into a data platform to analyze, process, and provide data held by business companies. It is focusing especially on alternative data, i.e., non-traditional data that differs from economic statistics and financial information, and aims to contribute to the market revitalization and more sophisticated investment decision-making by institutional investors.



●About KDDI Location Data
KDDI Location Data is a service that provides statistical data processed and aggregated from GPS location data, etc. accumulated periodically from au smartphones with consent from individual users in units such as time periods and standard area mesh. The data provides movement figures in specific areas based on latitude and longitude coordinates specified by customers.




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