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[Hot topic] Upward Trend “Waste Disposal & Environmental Hygiene Control” Stocks – Envipro (5698)
Published : Apr 05, 2021 Equity

“Waste Disposal & Environmental Hygiene Control” related stocks are an upward trend. The average rate in the past 10 business days of the 25 stocks selected by QUICK up to March 31 increased by 4.5%, which was higher than the -1.5% of the TOPIX during the same period.


With the vaccination of new coronavirus is progressing all over the world, many companies are improving their business conditions thanks to increased business activity and rising resource prices. For companies involved in recycling, the rise in resource prices, combined with a shift to renewable energy and the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) will boost their performance.


Envipro Holdings (5698), which has the highest rate of increase, rose by 23% during the period. In the consolidated earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending June 2021, which was revised upward in February, economic activities resumed earlier than expected after the new coronavirus disaster, and rising prices of resources such as gold, silver and iron contributed to the increase. The newly launched lithium-ion battery recycling business is also increasing its collection volume.


Daiseki Eco. Solution (1712), which has the second highest rate of increase, rose by 15% during the period. It was positively assessed by the upward revision of the consolidated earnings estimate for the fiscal year ending February 2021 in March. The company raised its outlook thanks to the start of processing related to large-scale, medium-term infrastructure development work in the Chukyo area as well as a recovery in demand for its soil contamination survey and treatment business, which had been depressed by the new coronavirus infection.


Upward Trend “Waste Disposal & Environmental Hygiene Control” Stocks - Envipro (5698)


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