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QUICKが「グラスルイス 議決権行使助言レポート」サービスを



Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC


 株式会社QUICK(本社:東京都中央区、社長:吉岡昇)は、日本を代表する運用機関である野村アセットマネジメント株式会社に、米グラスルイス(GLASS LEWIS)「プロキシペーパー」サービスの提供を開始しました。














株式会社QUICK ESG研究所






 グラスルイス(Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC、本社San Francisco)は、プロキシー・リサーチに基づく議決権行使助言および議決権行使管理プラットフォームを提供する中立のグローバル調査機関で、2003年に設立しました。グラスルイスは、世界の主要上場20,000社(内日本企業2,000社)を網羅。取締役選任や配当といった株主総会議案の一つ一つを一定の基準に照らして賛否を推奨し、企業ごとのレポートにまとめています。世界の主要な年金基金、投資信託、機関投資家など1,200社以上で利用されています。


QUICK ESG研究所について】


 2014年にGPIFの「年金積立金管理運用独立行政法人におけるスチュワードシップ責任及びESG投資のあり方についての調査研究業務」受託の実績を持つほか、専用サイトを通してESG研究所アナリストによる世界のESG課題の調査や取材レポート、責任投資に関する幅広い情報を配信しています。また、年金基金や企業、機関投資家を対象にした「RI Asia」や「PRIシンポジウム」など、多数のカンファレンスで講演しています。

 2016年7月には、CDP Water のスコアリングパートナーに認定されました。この活動の経験を活かし、企業が抱える水リスクの可視化や、対策強化を支援します。CDPゴールドパートナーとして、気候変動、水、森林の評価や開示レポートを機関投資家向けに提供しています。


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QUICK starts providing the Glass Lewis’ [Proxy Paper reports] 
to Nomura Asset Management

September 30th, 2016
Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC



QUICK has started providing Glass Lewis’ [Proxy Paper] reports service to Nomura Asset Management, a leading institutional investor in Japan.


[Proxy Paper] provided by Glass Lewis covers approximately 20,000 world major listed companies (including 2,000 Japanese companies) and offers issues to be considered in the shareholder resolutions, research results, judging process, and voting recommendations.


PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment) was established 10 years ago and 2 years have passed since Japan’s Stewardship Code was launched. Under these circumstances, institutional investors are expected to fulfill their responsibilities as a responsible investor and make a clear explanation when exercising a proxy voting right.


Nomura Asset Management has adopted [Proxy Paper] in order to make a more adequate in-house judgement of shareholder proposals after considering recommendations from several proxy advisory firms and grasping various issues. Mr. Kunio Watanabe, CEO/President at Nomura Asset Management, said that [Institutional investors are required to fulfill their stewardship responsibilities more than ever before. We believe that using external services are helpful to make a more appropriate proxy decision. As an institutional investor, we will continue to strive to provide our clients with the best possible investment performance.]


QUICK provides ESG data and advisory services for investors to promote their responsible investment. In February 2016, QUICK forged a partnership with Glass Lewis, a global major proxy advisory firm, in order to enhance the utilization of proxy related information. In May, QUICK started [Proxy Paper] report service.
As a PRI signatory and a CDP partner, QUICK will continuously contribute to the market development and serve as an intermediary between industrial corporations and financial institutions such as pension funds, institutional investors, and securities.

●About signing on PRI and CDP gold data partner


QUICK Corp. ESG Research Center
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【About Glass Lewis】
Glass, Lewis & Co., founded in 2003, is a leading independent global research firm which provides proxy advisory services and vote management solutions. Covering approximately 20,000 world major listing companies (including 2,000 Japanese companies), Glass Lewis provides analysis and recommendations to every shareholder proposal such as elections of directors or dividends in accordance with the certain standards and makes an each company’s research report. Clients include global major pension funds, investment trusts, and financial institutions at more than 1,200 firms worldwide.


【About QUICK ESG Research Center】
QUICK established an ESG Research Center in 2014 and started the ESG advisory service based on ESG data and rating methodology provided by EIRIS (currently “VigeoEIRIS”) to institutional investors. In February 2015, QUICK launched advisory service for industrial corporations to foster their ESG strategies. Customers for this line of business are pension funds, institutional investors, corporate IR, CSR, Public Relations, planning departments and environmental improvement divisions.


In 2014, QUICK was selected to undertake the research mandate for Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), “Research project on how the Government Pension Fund should undertake Stewardship responsibilities and ESG investment”. Through the website, ESG analyst team provides research reports of global ESG issues, interview reports, and variety of information about responsible investment. Besides, QUICK has given lectures in several conferences aimed at pension funds, industrial companies, and institutional investors such as [RI Asia] and [PRI symposium].


In July 2016, QUICK was selected as CDP’s water scoring partner. Taking advantages of this experience, QUICK helps customers to visualize the water-related risks and enhance the measurements. As a gold partner of CDP, QUICK provides Climate Change, Water, and Forest disclosure reports to institutional investors.