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~QUICK ESG研究所/FTSE、GPIFより調査研究業務を受託~


FTSE International Limited

 株式会社QUICK(代表取締役社長:吉岡 昇/以下、QUICK)はこのたび、 年金積立金管理運用独立行政法人(以下、GPIF)による「年金積立金管理運用独立行政法人における スチュワードシップ責任及びESG投資のあり方についての調査研究業務」(以下、本調査)の調査委託先として選定されました。 また、FTSE International Limited(所在地英国:代表取締役社長 Mark Makepeace)が、本調査の再委託先として参加します。



(1) 運用機関あるいは年金基金におけるスチュワードシップ責任の社会的・制度的背景と その内容及び実践
(2) 年金基金等の資金委託者としての運用機関のスチュワードシップ活動の評価の仕組みと方法
(3) ESG投資の社会的背景と制度的な枠組み、ESG投資において考慮されている諸要因及び投資プロセスへの組込方法並びにコーポレート・ガバナンス・コードとの関係
(4) スチュワードシップ活動とESG投資の関係及びそれらのコストと効果、外部性について


 QUICKは、2014年4月にESG研究所を設立し、グローバルな視点で、ESGをはじめとする非財務データの提供を開始しました。 ESGをはじめとする非財務情報は、日本の投資家および企業の間でも重要となりつつあります。日本版スチュワードシップ・コードは、2014年9月2日時点で、GPIFを含め国内外160の機関が受け入れを表明しており、今後その実践が待たれます。企業の持続的な成長を促す建設的な見解を持つには、 従来の財務データに加え、ESGをはじめとする非財務データによる企業分析・評価がますます必要となります。 QUICKは投資家と企業をつなぐアドバイザリープラットホームとして、財務データと組み合わせた分析・評価データ、アナリストレポート、 サプライチェーンデータなどのサービスを拡充してまいります。


 FTSEは、スチュワードシップ発祥の地の英国に本拠地を置き、ヨーロッパ、アメリカ、アジアの各国SIF(Sustainable Investment Forum)等のESG専門機関の運営、PRI(Principle for Responsible Investment)の数々のコミッティに参加、その体制作りに貢献しています。また、世界有数のグローバル株式SRIインデックスとして、FTSE4Good指数シリーズを提供、加えて、独自のメソドロジーによるESGリサーチ・評価情報の提供も始めています。



株式会社QUICK ESG研究所 担当:小泉貴史 TEL: 03-6733-9006
FTSE International Limited 担当:荻野祐次 TEL: 03-3581-2811


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Research mandate: “Research project on how the Government Pension Investment Fund should undertake Stewardship responsibilities and ESG investment”
from The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).
Research mandate by GPIF awarded to QUICK ESG Research Center / FTSE

24 October 2014
FTSE International Limited


QUICK Corp. (“QUICK”), has been selected to undertake the research mandate for Government Pension Investment Fund (“GPIF”), “Research project on how the Government Pension Fund should undertake Stewardship responsibilities and ESG investment”. FTSE Group (“FTSE”), will participate in this project as the sub-contractor.


The main research themes are as follows:
(1) The social and institutional framework and practice of Stewardship responsibilities by asset managers and pension funds.

(2) The structure and method to evaluate the Stewardship activities of asset managers acting as asset trustees for investors such as pension funds.

(3) The societal background and institutional framework of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) investment, the factors considered in ESG investments, the method to incorporate those factors into investment process and the relationship with Corporate Governance.

(4) The relationship between Stewardship activities and ESG investment, their cost, effect and externality.

Recognising the importance of global best practices globally for this mandate, QUICK has sub-contracted FTSE, an institution headquartered in the UK with extensive experience of ESG. Together they will conduct research overseas.


QUICK founded the ESG Research Center in April 2014 and started to distribute supporting-financial information including ESG data with a view to support its conventional financial data service. This was due to the increasing importance placed on this supporting data by investors and companies.


As of September 2nd 2014, 160 global institutions including GPIF, became signatories to the Japanese Stewardship Code, “Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors”, and as such, these investors are expected to uphold their commitment. In order to have a constructive vision to encourage sustainable growth of companies, the analysis and evaluation of companies based on extra-financial information including ESG data will become increasingly important. QUICK is committed to providing a platform that will connect investors and companies, through analytical frameworks, analyst reports, and supply chain data.


FTSE is headquartered in the UK where the world’s first Stewardship Code was established. FTSE has contributed widely to the global evolution of stewardship and ESG investment through taking leadership roles in the sustainable investment industry associations in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as advisory committees for the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment. FTSE provides a variety of ESG data and analytical services including indices such as the FTSE4Good Series, the FTSE ESG Ratings and associated research tools.


Both institutions are committed to continuously providing analytical frameworks and data which integrate global corporate ESG information for use by investors and companies.


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