Message from CEO

Pursuing “timeliness”
and “knowledge”
to decipher the future
    It is said the emergence of media diversification is reducing the value of faster distribution. However, the intrinsic value of faster distribution remains undiminished. QUICK looks to utilize artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to identify truly valuable information from among an enormous amount of data, and from this angle, aims to rediscover the value of content through “timeliness”.
    We are also promoting initiatives as a knowledge producer, drawing on experience and expertise accumulated in the financial and capital markets. These efforts are aimed at not only gathering information, but also renewing our focus from a variety of perspectives to acquire “knowledge” enabling us to decipher the future. QUICK established the Asset Management Research Center, the Corporate Valuation Research Center and the ESG Research Center to achieve these objectives. We are expanding the financial information services domain through new approaches, including the dissemination of information making use of big data analysis and other cutting-edge technologies, as well as non-financial information pertaining to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. While leveraging generated knowledge content, we will produce a variety of information related to the financial economy.
    QUICK will pursue innovative and advanced content and solutions, including data for future predictions, news that generates a wealth of ideas, and highly user-friendly technologies, to support compelling conclusions and provide options replete with intelligence through “timeliness” and “knowledge”.
Noboru Yoshioka, Chairman
Mission Statement
QUICK, as a best partner, contributes to economic and financial progress by concentrating on
providing high quality information and precise solutions to participants in the financial and capital markets.
  • To generate advanced and valuable information services employing sophisticated technologies.
  • Through the most suitable alliances, to offer total support for the financial business.
  • To provide necessary information to the globalized and diversified financial/capital markets on a timely basis.
  • As a company responsible for providing information infrastructure of the Japanese market, to pursue high reliability.
Action Guideline
  • Act in a fair, neutral and faithful manner, being conscious of the social nature of the business.
  • Respond to the real needs of our customers and grow together with them.
  • Continue to improve professional skills, while maintaining the spirit of challenge.
  • Keenly alert and respond quickly to changes in society and markets.
Corporate Message
Our Knowledge, Your Value.